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Our approach

Coming back to our roots and authentic skills is a dire need of our society. Therefore, we want to give you the opportunity of spending a nice moment rediscovering the genuine taste of food and drink in a relaxing atmosphere.


Chef Romain Hertrich carefully selects products depending on the season, on their origin, and on their growth process. He wants to offer you the best and healthiest products.

To that end, he works with local producers in direct purchase lines so as to pay the right price for workforces and to make sure that they fit with the expected standards of traditions, designations and expertise.

You will experience this way of working with the simple and balanced food of each dish.

Romain Lambert, headwaiter and sommelier, will take care of you for the whole length of your stay.

The selection of wines shares the same ethic and professional standards as the choice of products in the kitchen.

The size of the restaurant room ensures a warm and comfortable atmosphere as well as an individual service at each table.

To make these requirements possible, we need the help of our guests. That is the reason why we highly recommend to book the table before arriving at the restaurant.

All products are prepared on site during the service. This implies a little time during which you can relax with your family or friends.

We work only with seasonal products. Therefore, our guests are invited to accept some flexibility so as to respect the rhythm of nature.
Menus and suggestions are regularly changed in order to offer the best quality and price. This way, you get involved in maintaining the balance of the whole process from the producer to the restaurant guest.

We thank you for your confidance.